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About Us

Adat Yeshurun is an observant shul serving the needs of a diverse membership. The pillars of our community are education, mutual respect and support.

Learning and Growth

Adat Yeshurun was founded in 1987 by four local families who wanted to establish a center for in-depth Jewish education and spiritual growth. Our rabbi, Rabbi Jeff Wohlgelernter, has been here since the beginning providing thousands of hours of classes every year.

Classes run the gamut from basic Judaic topics to in-depth Talmud study. There are lectures almost every Shabbat for women and families.

Whatever your level of knowledge, Adat Yeshurun is a place where you can grow and learn. However you describe your level of Jewish observance and development, you can find a comfortable place at "Adat."

The Rabbi, community and staff provide a warm environment where you can explore your Jewish identity and find your own unique path to spiritual growth.

At Adat, you'll find myriad opportunities for growth as well as a large group of people whose common bond is Judaism and a love for other Jews.

Whether you're visiting the San Diego area or thinking of making it your home, do yourself a favor and visit Adat Yeshurun. Come for services, join us for a meal, sit in on a shiur or just come see our beautiful building and grounds.

Contact us and we'll happily help you arrange accommodations and meals.

La Jolla - The Jewel

Adat Yeshurun ("Adat") is located in La Jolla ("the jewel"), California where we are blessed with beautiful weather year-round. The shul is minutes from the ocean, airport and amazing attractions both man-made and natural.

La Jolla is officially part of the city of San Diego which is noted for its biotechnology, defense, communications and other high-tech industries.

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is just north of us and many students attend services at Adat and share meals with families in the community.

The community is blessed with a number of Jewish day and high schools:

Youth education programs at the shul are also available to complement what is offered at the schools.

If you're looking for a warm, welcoming community where you can feel like you're part of the family, Adat might be for you. Contact us if you're going to be in the area and we'll happily help you find accommodations and meals.