Candle Lighting

April 21, 2017
Nissan 25, 5777
7:05 PM
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Roger and Debbie Rappoport

on Abigail's Bat Mitzvah

Stan and Mal Smiedt

on the birth of a grandson, a son born to their son and daughter-in-law, Evan and Meredith

Avi and Michal Greenboim

on Irit's marriage

David and Mary Feifel

on Natania's marriage to Shane Lipman

Sol and Pauline Sonboleh (grandparents)

on Jarrett Charo's marriage to Gabi Scher

Colin and Jane Scher

on Gabi's marriage to Jarrett Charo

Ivan Fainstein

on the birth of a grandson

Delon and Daniela Levi

on the birth of a daughter

Adat Yeshurun Sisterhood Presents

"YOU Host Shabbat Lunch" (with a twist)

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