Len and Anne Jurkowski
on the marriage of their daughter, Zoe Jurkowski to Jonathan Moed
Rob and Margot Hillman
on the engagement of their son, Joshua, to Danielle Sacks

Candle Lighting

August 18, 2017
Av 26, 5777
7:12 PM
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Stephen and Brenda Abelkop

on Julie's engagement to Daniel Amer

Ted and Rhonda Roth

on Adam's engagement to Atara Chouake

Tina Beranbaum and Mitch Shack

on Avi's marriage to Simcha Biton

Abraham and Dvorah

on Andrea's upcoming marriage

Ted and Rhonda Roth

on the birth of a granddaughter

Guest Speaker Rabbi Anthony Manning

Join us for this special Shabbos of Torah Learning!

Nati and Noga Tzarum

on the birth of a son

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