Rabbi and Shoshie Wohlgelernter
on the birth of a grandson, a son born to Bracha and Simcha
Rami and Talia Ben-Joseph
on Sherry’s (Shiri) engagement to Gil Kalish
Len and Anne Jurkowski
on Zac's engagement to Mali Wiederkehr
Jamin and Eva Eiseman
on Gregory's Bar Mitzvah

Candle Lighting

June 23, 2017
Sivan 29, 5777
7:42 PM
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Rabbi and Shoshie

on the birth of a grandson, a son born to Aharon and Aidel

Marc Lebovits

on the birth of his grandson, a son born to is son and daughter-in-law, Matthew and Rishona

Rabbi and Shoshie

on Bracha's marriage to Simcha

Brian and Suzanne Marcus

on Julie's marriage to Jacob

Arthur and Peta Klitofsky

on the birth of their granddaughter, a daughter born to their daughter and son-in-law, Kim and Oren Garaway

Brian and Sarah Keating, and to Isaac and Elijah

on the birth of their daughter and sister.

Mauricio and Lillian Miselewicz

on the engagement of their daughter Giselle to Abraham Entebi from Mexico City

Guest Speaker Rabbi Twerski

Please join us for a special Shabbat with Rabbi Twerski

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