Kevin & Lynn Swartzberg and Family
on Kayla's Bat Mitzvah
Brian & Merle Datnow
on their granddaughter, Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah
Paul & Julie Datnow and Family
on Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah
Jeremy, Anna and Chaviva Beck
on the birth of a son and brother to Chaviva
Abraham and Sofia Daniel
on the birth of a grandson, a son born to their daughter and son-in-law, Esperanza and Ari
Ari Sacal and Esperanza Daniel
on the birth of a son

Candle Lighting

January 23, 2015
Shevat 3, 5775
4:54 PM
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Silver Links Presents Carol Davidson Baird - Jewish Geneaologist

Join Carol as she presents, “Exiles in Paradise - Jewish Migration to America and Holocaust Era Emigres to the World of Hollywood Movies.”

Special Guest Lecture by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Congregation Beth Jacob in partnership with Congregation Adat Yeshurun

Adat Yeshurun is proud to present the Second


Congregation Adat Yeshurun Invites All Ladies To a Lunch and Learn with Nili Couzens*

*Voted best speaker at the JWRP Israel Trip 2014 “What Is Your Stress Telling You?”

Congregation Adat Yeshurun is a vibrant, Jewish community in the heart of La Jolla ("The Jewel"), California where we are blessed with beautiful weather year-round.

Our membership is diverse, coming from many different countries and backgrounds, blending together to create a welcoming atmosphere of caring and spiritual growth.

Not all of our members are orthodox, but we all come to Adat Yeshurun to grow spiritually and intellectually, increasing our understanding of Judaism and what it means to be an observant Jew.

Join us for a class or services and experience it yourself!