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La Jolla Eruv

What is an Eruv? 

To fully understand the importance of the eruv we must comprehend the prohibition of carrying on Shabbat. One of thirty nine prohibitions forbid us from carrying from a private to a public domain or from a public to a private domain on Shabbat.  We are also not allowed to carry within a public domain. A public domain has a very strict definition. If the size and usage of an area does not meet the criteria, then that area, whilst not a public domain in the Biblical sense, is still considered a public domain rabbinically. A private domain is an area that is privately owned and enclosed by walls.

Our rabbis decided that in order to allow people to join with each other for Shabbat and to be able to move freely in a non-Biblical public domain, it was necessary to create a means by which those areas would be considered private domains. Through the construction of walls surrounding an area and through the joining together of all homes and courtyards, that area is now considered a Biblical private domain.

In La Jolla, through a series of poles and string, and through natural barriers and boundaries, we have established an area that is to be considered a private domain, and therefore allows us to carry inside of that area on Shabbat.

The boundaries and borders of this eruv can be found below on the La Jolla Eruv Boundary Map.


Eruv Status

Each week by sometime on Friday the eruv is checked by volunteer members of our community.  If the eruv is found to be break-free, it will be posted on the homepage of the website.  If the eruv is down, it is as it if it doesn’t exist and carrying that Shabbat is prohibited.


Checking the Eruv

Checking the eruv is one of the most important functions of a community and is done by a wonderful group of volunteers.  It takes about 1-1 ½ hours to check the entire eruv.  If you are interested in learning more about this and becoming a certified eruv checker, please be in touch with the synagogue office: 1-858-535-1196.


La Jolla Eruv Boundary Map

The Eruv Boundary Map shows the general area covered by the Eruv.


The Eruv Boundary Details document shows closeups and descriptions of where you will need to walk to ensure you stay within the La Jolla Eruv.

If you have any questions regarding the La Jolla Eruv, please feel free to email the Shul office.

Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyyar 5784