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Mikvah Checklist

Prior to Entering the Mikvah:

  1. From the onset of your period, did you wait at least five days, and afterwards make a proper Hefsek Taharah, conclusion in purity, examination which was completed before sunset?
  2. Did you count your seven clean days afterwards, making two internal examinations on each day?
  3. Did you remove all body hair that is generally removed (ideally not on the day of immersion)?
  4. Have you washed and combed all your hair (including underarms, and private parts) making sure that no hairs are knotted or stuck together?
  5. Have you removed all makeup; i.e. lipstick, nail polish, mascara, eye pencil, foundation, etc.?
  6. Have you removed all items such as glasses, contact lenses, jewelry, false teeth?
  7. Have you cut your fingernails and toenails? Have you cleaned the area around them?
  8. Have you cleaned your ears, nose, and the corners of your eyes, removing anything caught in the eyes?
  9. Have you cleaned all body crevices including between the fingers, between the toes, the naval, earring holes, etc.?
  10. Have you bathed your entire body, making sure you are entirely clean? (You must bathe for at least a 1/2 hour if you began preparing before nightfall or for 1 hour if you did not do any preparations prior to nightfall).
  11. Have you removed all old scabs? If you have scabs that cannot be removed without bleeding, have you soaked them in warm water for five or ten minutes?
  12. Have you removed all splinters which protrude or are on the same level as the skin?
  13. Have you rinsed your mouth and brushed your teeth?
  14. Have you used a toothpick to gently check every tooth for lodged in food particles? (Dental floss should only be used if necessary.)
  15. Did you use the bathroom if you needed to before going in the Mikvah?
  16. If you have reused the bathroom, did you wash over the area again?


Please check your entire body prior to immersion.


Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyyar 5784