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La Jolla Eruv

Yes, the La Jolla Eruv is really here...

Every week, by sometime on Friday, we check the Eruv to ensure that it is Kosher (there are no breaks or other problems which render it halachically "broken").

You will see the status of the Eruv in the "La Jolla Eruv" box in the right hand column on our home page, this page and the Shul Information page.

If the box says the "Eruv is Up", it's ok to carry on Shabbat.

If the box says the "Eruv is Down", it is as if the Eruv doesn't exist and carrying on Shabbat is prohibited.

If the box says that the "Eruv status is unknown", it means that we haven't finished checking the Eruv yet and you should check back later.

Do not carry on Shabbat in our community unless you've seen the box with the "Eruv is Up" message!

You can get important information about the eruv from the following PDF documents:

  • The Eruv Boundary Map shows the general area covered by the Eruv.
  • The Eruv Boundary Details document shows closeups and descriptions of where you will need to walk to ensure you stay within the La Jolla Eruv.

If you have any questions regarding the La Jolla Eruv, please feel free to email the La Jolla Eruv.